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Chemical Protection
For All Of Your Crops

The team at West Central Seeds is here to help you protect your crops year around.

Crop Protection

We offer a full line of herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide products.
Our products come in bulk totes measured to your needs or small individual containers.

Sonic®, Enlist One®, Enlist Duo®
SureStart®, Resicore®, Staunch, Durango®, and Surpass®

PowerMax®, PowerMax 3®,
Laudis®, and Warrant® Ultra

Fusilade®, Liberty, and Flexstar®


Dual, Callisto®, Liberty, Clethodim, Atrazine, and others


    Aproach®, Aproach® Prima, TrivaPro®, Generic Quadris, and others


    Warrior, Capture®, and others

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